With Blair Sullivan being involved in the forefront and creation of leading media research methodology for over 15 years worldwide, It’s My Station from Create Consult Research is also backed with 30 years of programming experience working across competitive markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Questionnaire design, sample quotas, targeted results and recommendations are all part of the package.

One of the key differences with Create Consult Research – we are hands on. We are here each and every survey and project to assist you with your end game.

Is a  fast, reliable and cost effective online survey platform. One of Create Consult Research’s key drivers was to offer easily accessible online research from any device – be it mobile, tablet,  PC or Mac. Your research project will  automatically frame itself to any device being used.

Our Online Music Universe  Testing can analyse up to 650 songs with Simply slide it up if you like or down if you don’t.  But our OMT’s go beyond just testing songs, with your audience on tap we can explore your key On-Air talent, even your oppositions.  You can also test positioners, talent audio and benchmarks and more.

Our platform allows us to do things online that cannot be done in person, and that gives you better, more credible results. Hooks are rotated, so the first hundred no longer test better than the rest of the test.

We will work with you on an effective recruitment and research process that aims to not only be efficient but also keep your costs down overall. We have delivered target social and web campaigns to secure both Core and Cume at no cost across  competitive markets in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Take a listen to how our mates at Radio Hauraki in New Zealand (Rock ALT Format) set their course.

We layer in quotas and we can also control your expenses and shut down access to an OMT project automatically once a cell has been fully secured. It’s also about getting your exact sample target.

In addition, we arm you and your team with the industry standard in research software with the Create Consult Research Analyst.

The Create Consult Research Analyst is the tool that allows you to craft, sort and breakout your research results.  The Analyst is the ultimate tool that integrates seamlessly with MusicMaster, Selector and Powergold. Meaning you can schedule your music, knowing how you are serving your core and cume.

Trend not only song results but your key perceptual images and results.