ItsMYStation_Marketing is the gateway for radio stations to make a difference to what is heard your station.

whether it’s the music you play, the programs or guys and girls on air.

now your listeners can make a real difference.


Survey With Itsmystation_Marketing

our surveys are easy to complete online from a PC or MAC, an android or iOS mobile or even iPad or tablet.

getting technical our survey framework is fully html5 compatible, so no issues with flash or missing images.

each questionnaire is crafted to your exact specifications.



we can deliver more questions types, styles and layouts than you can poke a stick at.

  • you want to test videos – done!
  • you want to branch questions – done!
  • you want to secure exact survey quotas – done!
  • you want an easy to use slider for your listeners to rate your music – done!

contact us for a demo survey where you can see the power of



here’s the great bit. your station branding can align seamlessly into

each survey a listener takes has your station branding on every page. you can even feature local sponsors if you wanted to.

we will even provide a custom registration page that can be i-framed into your station branded website.



our surveys are exclusively created for our clients. each listener would receive an exclusive branded invite on email direct from the station.



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